We Need Your Help - What To Report
Drugs are a community problem requiring a collaborative approach of intervention, prevention, and suppression.

This website operates like a local / regional "crime watch" that allows residents and businesses to communicate about drug related criminal activity impacting their neighborhoods and businesses on a real time basis in an effort to prevent the community from being further victimized.  This public safety partnership allows the community to become an additional set of eyes and ears to law enforcement to fight drug crime proactively.

Removing Illegal Narcotics From Our Streets

Our collective goal is to remove individuals and groups who sell illegal narcotics from our streets and neighborhoods, but also to identify, disrupt and to dismantle the larger criminal organizations that supply them. Larger narcotic trafficking networks are also involved in money laundering.  It is only through a total community approach that we can reduce and hopefully eliminate these illegal narcotics from our communities.

Illegal Narcotic Activity - Who's Committing the Crimes

Law Enforcement’s lifeline continues to be information derived from the general public to solve crimes, as well as learn who’s committing crime.  This is also true in the investigation of illegal narcotics activity.  In an effort to help us do our job more effectively, this website was developed for the public to submit anonymous information about individuals or organizations engaged in the illegal narcotic enterprise.

What type of things to look for:

  • The sale and trafficking of illegal drugs
  • Locations of drug houses to include grow & stash houses and illegal meth labs
  • People with lifestyles that are not supported with corresponding job(s) / income
  • Frequent unusual traffic and activity to a location

Protecting the Anonymity of the Submitter

This mechanism is designed to protect the anonymity of the submitter, and to help us conduct a successful investigation to eradicate the narcotic issue whether it’s local, state, federal, or international. This website does not transmit your IP address when you submit an anonymous tip. Information derived from the website will be scrutinized, and delegated to the appropriate jurisdictional authority.  All tips will be reviewed and assigned.   All results and case status will be posted when assigned.

In order for us to do a thorough investigation which results in removing the threat of illegal narcotics from our streets and dismantles the criminal organizations that supply these illegal narcotics. WE MUST HAVE THE MOST DETAILED INFORMATION POSSIBLE.

Information needed when submitting tips

  • Name or names of suspected individual(s) or a good description of the person(s).
  • Location(s) of the illegal drug activity.
  • Describe in as much detail as possible the nature of the illegal narcotic activity (type of drugs sold/bought, time of day when the activity occurs, vehicles involved including make, model, plate #, and color). 
  • It is important to know if the location(s) are fortified, and if any weapons were seen.

Please remember any information is better than none.

Example Anonymous Tip

I am a resident of 100 Sample Street (a gated apartment complex). This morning I observed what appears to be a drug transaction near Building 10. The prior evening I received a notice from the property / community manager Tom Smith Phone 281-555-1212 of an apartment "break in".  Might be related.  Photos attached.



Help Capture Wanted Drug Fugitives
 Wanted drug criminals can be dangerous, therefore never try to apprehend a fugitive yourself. Always contact law enforcement for assistance.